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French SEO, Internet marketing for France

You would like to be visible on Google and other search engines in France, increase your trafic and gross income in french speaking countries like France, Québec, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg? Our french SEO solution can solve your need.

What is SEO?

The main part of your visibility on Internet, search engine optimization (or natural trafic) is the combination of all techniques used in order to make your website search engine friendly. If Google or other search engines can’t see correctly your website, you miss a huge opportunity to get free trafic. In technical part, SEO is the optimisation of different factors like URLs, title of pages, source code, métas,… SEO can be divided in two parts :

  • Onpage optimization (optimization on website itself, like URLs, code,.,)
  • Offpage optimization (quantity and quality backlinks,...)

Natural trafic = Reduce cost of trafic + increase gross income

SEO in France...why different?

If you wish to focus on France or other french languages market, you absolutely need to set up a strategy on french search engines. Which difference with SEO in english? Some elements need to be in consideration as technic (hosting localisation, domain extensions, …) but also cultural and language (culture of countries, customs, type of netizens...).

referencement anglais Google

French SEO by a french team in Asia since 2006

Website owners with a french version recognize the increasing value of having their pages get a good ranking on the search engines because it creates new business opportunities for them. We help you to optimize pages in French to ensure that they meet the criteria of Google and other search engines to reach your French target. We then develop a link strategy that is necessary in a competitive market. Thus it gives you more qualified traffic, more customers and increase revenue.

French SEO service Main benefits for your company How it's work?
  • Our french SEO service is perfect for small medium companies which want to increase quantity and quality of trafic of website's french pages from Google.
  • A high number of potentials customers will find you after a search on Google.
  • A huge target : french speaking countries (France, Belgium, Quebec) but also emerging countries in Africa.
  • Get a better ranking and long term visibility
  • Reduce Adwords costs
  • Get quality trafic with less cost
  • Increase online business and income
  • Increase brandness and notoriety on Internet
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Our french SEO methodology

When your choose our french SEO service, you get our 10 years experience in french market. We are a french team with dozens references in international SEO, mostly french but also including english, chinese, spanish, italian,….

Our service is divided in 4 steps :

  • Audit (technical, competitors, content...)
  • Optimization (website optimization, technical, content...)
  • Netlinking (submission in search engines, directories, press releases...)
  • Reporting (statistics analysis and advices)

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  • It has only been a month since the new version was put online and the number of visitors has already doubled. Visitors can now find us by searching our keywords relevant to our business and we have had several requests for quotes.

    M. Olivier VEROT / Business Development Manager